jPuzzle jigsaw puzzle creator
February 17, 2009 Games

Create a jigsaw puzzle from a photograph


My three children, all boys, are in a puzzle building phase now. As the oldest is in first grade, the complexity of puzzles that they undertake is limited. It can be tough to find interesting 25-piece or 50-piece puzzles. One day while helping my middle son work on a large Melissa & Doug undersea puzzle that we have, it occurred to me that I might be able to automatically generate puzzles.

After a little bit of work, I came up with this web application. Basically, it creates a PDF document with two puzzle pieces per page. The pieces are large enough so that they can be cut out with an x-acto knife and if printed on card-stock make an adequate puzzle.

Currently the app works by randomly applying a curve to each side of a puzzle piece. Presently, there's only one shape. However, if time and interest permit, I may enhance the application to include a variety of shapes.

Want to try it out? Upload your image here: