JLION.COM - Navigate a maze in 3D.
10/27/06 ASP.NET, Games, Games, VB.NET

Here is a 3D maze. I have an idea that the right way to do this is to use OpenGL, and if one can't do that, to create a world which is a 3 dimensional array and then have a view which is an appropriately rotated perspective on that array. However I just wanted to see if I could create a simple first person perspective game and so I cheated.

This maze is "rendered" by simply picking a vanishing point in the middle of the screen. Each cell in the maze is the same size, so I scale each cell proportionately as it recedes into the distance and then connect the corners of the cells. At present since the vanishing point is always in the same spot the player can only look straight ahead, restricting turns to one of the four cardinal directions. I think that it should be possible enhance the program to have multiple vanishing points. This would allow for fluid turns.

jMaze jMaze