11/05/05 Utilities

I wrote FindRecentFiles so that I could find out which files were consuming disk space on my laptop and easily zip up and remove obsolete files. The application is written in DotNet 1.1 and uses Mike Kruger’s excellent SharpZipLib library).

The Find Files tab

Use this tab to specify which files should be included in a search.

Find Files Tab


The Found Files tab

This tab displays the files found by the search and indicates how much disk space is used by them, and where. It also is used to indicate which files and directories should be included in any archive.

Found Files Tab


The Archived Files tab

The Archived Files tab displays a list of files that were included in the archive and offers the option of deleting local copies of those files.

Archived Files Tab


I’m putting this application in the public domain and hope that someone finds it useful. There are no guarantees and I may or may not fix bugs or add new features in the future.

Download FindRecentFiles. Note: FindRecentFiles requires the Microsoft DotNet Framework 1.1.

Version History
11/05/2005 FindRecentFiles put on web site.