jChart Charting Component
11/12/06 ASP.NET, Charting, Utilities

jChart is an open-source charting component intended to enable the display of drill-down charts using ASP.NET 2.0.

jChart is written in VB.NET as a DLL. Charts are saved to a temporary directory and drill-down is implemented using client-side image maps that are generated by the component.

To download jChart please visit the jChart pages at codeplex.com


01-01-00-06 01-01-00-02


  1. Line Chart
  2. Area Chart
  3. Bar Chart
  4. Scatter Chart
  5. Bubble Chart
  6. Multiple Y-Axis Chart
  7. Stacked Area Chart
  8. Stacked Bar Chart
  9. Simple Pie Chart
  10. Line Chart with Legend
  11. Analog Gauge Chart