8/4/2007 Utilities

jFileSync File Synchronization and Backup Utility v1.0.0.0

jFileSync Features:

  • Automatically copy updated files from your computer hard drive to a removable USB drive.
  • Can send email notification to one or more recipients when differences are found between source and target directories.
  • Can copy files or just report that differences exist.
  • Supports synchronizing multiple directories
  • Adjustable synchrionization period.

jFileSync is free and can be used and distributed without restriction. I would be interested in hearing from you if you have suggestions for improvements. You can download it here:

Download jFileSync!

How to use jFileSync

What jFileSync Does:

It's important to keep backup copies of anything important that you store on your computer. Most everyone can tell tales of important files lost, essential data corrupted or irreplacable photos gone without a trace.

This is easy to say and harder to do. It is not difficult to accumulate hundreds of gigabytes of important stuff: photos, music files, programs and documents. The most convenient backup medium for most people is a DVD drive but DVDs are limited to 4GB so to back up to DVD you either need to have a way to neatly slice up your backup into 4GB blocks or you need to have a way to pick out only those most recently updated files and have a series of incremental backups (I wrote FindRecentFiles for exactly this purpose).

DVDs are sufficient for incremental backups but for a full backup, an external USB hard drive works great. Very large capacity drives are available for around $150 or so, such as this 500GB External Hard Drive available from Amazon.com.

To copy 300GB to an external drive takes hours. Thus, I bring you jFileSync, the file synchronization utility that automatically copies the most recently added or changed files from your computer to your external hard drive. jFileSync runs in the background as a windows service and can keep multiple directories on your computer synchronized with your external hard drive.