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03/20/07 Utilities

jFont is a utility for previewing and printing fonts, especially character maps similar to what you see if you use the Windows "Character Map" accessory.

The problem with the Windows "Character Map" accessory is that it can't be printed out. Say, for example, that you want to use some special character in a document that you're working on--say the copyright character. You look it up once in Character Map, and find that it is <alt>0169. The next day you need to use the same character in a different document. You've forgotten the character code, so back to Character Map you go.

Or let's say that you're looking for particular characters in the WingDings font...you can't remember whether it is "A" that makes the bullet character, or whether it is "H". Here, Character Map doesn't help much as it doesn't show you the key that is associated with the character in the font, only the ASCII keycode.

So, jFont to the rescue! jFont can print out a single page font - keycode cross reference that shows at a glance all of the characters in the ANSII font set (33-255) for any installed font. It can also print out a simple font list that shows the selected font at different sizes in normal, bold and italic. Both reports can also be saved as RTF for viewing/modification using another program, such as Microsoft Word..

To give credit where credit is due: jFont uses Martin Miller's extended version of the DotNet  Rich Text Box control, the source code of which is generously shared by Martin here: http://www.codeguru.com/Csharp/Csharp/cs_controls/richtext/article.php/c4781.

jFont is free and can be used and distributed without restriction. I don't warranty it or support it but I would be interested in hearing from you if you have suggestions for improvements. You can download it here:

Download jFont

Here is a screen snapshot of jFont

jFont Screen Snapshot

Here is a sample character map

jFont Character Map