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Helpful Tips

3/31/2008 PDF Reporting with iTextSharp
iTextSharp is an excellent open source library for creating PDF documents using DotNet. Here I've tried to pull together what you'll need to create a simple report using iTextSharp.
1/14/2008 How to set up Microsoft Message Queue Triggers
It's now possible to have MSMQ automatically fire off an application or component when a message is received. Here, I show how to set up message queue triggers.
7/11/2007 Base36 - A way to compactly code large numbers
Need to print a very large number as a bar code? Need to minimize the size of the bar code? Perhaps BASE36 is the answer.
12/9/2006 Geolocation Strategies
Some thoughts on how best to measure the distance between two addresses + a haversine function for sql server.
12/2/2005 Discover the paths to the All Users folders
The SHGetSpecialFolderPath function encapsulated for access to the Common DeskTop, Common Startup, and other special folders.
10/2/2003 Common Statistical Calculations
With the advent of Six Sigma, there's an increasingly common need to calculate control limits and family limits for various data sets. Here, I briefly describe how to do this in Visual Basic.