JLION.COM - Utilities


9/23/2008 Calendar Tools
Two 12-month calendars intended for help with debugging date calculations. One shows the next twelve months (from the current month forward). The other shows the calendar year with week-of-year indicated. Also, a standard month-at-a-view calendar in PDF format.
6/13/2008 Calculate the cost of your commute
How much does your drive to work really cost? It may be more than you think.
11/17/2007 Thermometer Chart Tool
A tool for instantly creating your own Thermometer charts for use in presentations or on a web page.
10/27/2007 jFind Word-Find Puzzle Utility
Use this utility to create your own word-find puzzles, then play them on line or print them out.
9/22/2007 SQLAutoDoc database & monitoring utility
The second version of the SQLAutoDoc database & monitoring utility has been released. This new release includes much new functionality including versioning, compare, and status monitoring for size, blocking, connections and waitstates.
9/18/2007 jFTPSync
An FTP Synchronization utility for use in automatically downloading backup files from a website, or for updating web site content.
8/4/2007 jFileSync Backup & Syncrhonization Utility
Simple windows service to keep one or more directories in sync. Use this utility to ensure that the removable hard drive that you're using as a backup device has all the latest files.
3/25/2007 jFont
A utility for viewing and printing font lists and character maps.
10/23/2006 jChart ASP.NET charting component
jChart is a charting component intended to enable the display of drill-down charts using ASP.NET 2.0.
11/5/2005 Find Recent Files
Find out what's eating up your disk space, and make zip file backups of recently changed files.
12/2/2002 Creating an AutoRun CD
A simple utility that enables AUTORUN to make a web page display automatically when a CD is inserted.