4/22/2009 MathCoder
MathCoder allows you to encode short messages using simple addition and subtraction problems. I created MathCoder as a drill for my first grader, who needs to practice his addition and subtraction.
2/19/2009 Jigsaw Puzzle Creator
This web application turns any JPG or GIF image into a jigsaw puzzle, which it provides as a PDF file for you to print out.
10/27/2007 jFind Word-Find Puzzle Utility
Use this utility to create your own word-find puzzles, then play them on line or print them out.
10/28/2006 Mazes in 3D
Demo project. Navigate a maze in 3D
10/27/2006 Old-school 3D maze
A simple 3D maze puzzle as an ASPX web page.
10/6/2006 A Dot Net class for generating mazes
A dotnet class to generate mazes and code to stream them out to an ASP.NET web page
2/14/2003 A java applet for creating mazes
I've been interested in mazes since childhood and one afternoon as a way to learn more about java applets and graphics to create a java maze applet. Here it is!