SQL Server

5/4/2009 SQL for cleaning data
It's spring, and that means spring-data-cleaning time. Here are some functions that help break text in a last-name-first field into separate last name, first name and middle name components.
2/29/2008 Extended WHOIS for SQL Server
Extended WHOIS procedure that includes buffer contents. Works with all versions of SQL Server 2000 and newer.
9/22/2007 SQLAutoDoc database & monitoring utility
The second version of the SQLAutoDoc database & monitoring utility has been released. This new release includes much new functionality including versioning, compare, and status monitoring for size, blocking, connections and waitstates.
8/15/2007 Working with Time Frames in T-SQL
This is an article I wrote for SQLServerCentral about querying data for time frames. IE: Finding activity that took place during a specific minute/hour/day when most activity is several minutes/hours/days in length.
1/15/2007 SQL Server Date Handling
A general overview of date handling with SQL Server
1/15/2007 Adding a foreign key with Transact SQL
Examples of using Transact SQL to add foreign key and primary key constraints
1/14/2007 Creating Foreign Keys for SQL Server using Transact SQL
A quick guide to using DDL to create foreign keys.
12/9/2006 Geolocation Strategies
Some thoughts on how best to measure the distance between two addresses + a haversine function for sql server.
11/7/2005 SQL Snippets
Small SQL Snippets for various tasks.
10/11/2005 How to set up SQL Server 2000's SQL Mail to use SMTP/POP instead of Exchange Server
The SQL Server documentation isn't clear on how to configure SQL Server 2000 to support SQL Mail and the xp_sendmail command. This guide fills in some of the gaps in the documentation.