10/2/2003 Common Statistical Calculations
With the advent of Six Sigma, there's an increasingly common need to calculate control limits and family limits for various data sets. Here, I briefly describe how to do this in Visual Basic.
4/1/2003 Encode/Decode Base 64 binaries
Email attachemnts and newsgroup postings use base 64 encoding to send binary information using a restricted character set. Here is code for encoding/decoding base 64 encoded binary files.
1/26/2003 A DLL to evaluate expressions
An in-line expression evaluator implemented as a C DLL.
1/26/2003 ExcelDLL - Create and display an Excel spreadsheet on a web server
A technique for creating and displaying an Excel spreadsheet dynamically on a web server.
1/16/2003 A VB application that demonstrates the use of FTPDll and PageGrabber
An application that demonstrates how to scrape data from a web page.
1/6/2003 Upload and download files from an FTP site
A VB6 DLL that wraps the WININET library FTP functions.
12/17/2002 A class for retrieving web pages
A VB6 DLL that wraps the windows WININET internet functions to scrape web pages.
12/16/2002 LabelGen.dll - A class for creating JPG image labels
One way to create vertical labels for web pages, using VB6 and ASP.