1/9/2010 SystemInfo
A wrapper class for the GetNativeSystemInfo API. Use this class to determine not only which version of Windows you're running in (XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.) but also whether you're running in 32-bit or 64-bit mode and whether the OS is running with an X86 or IA64 architecture.
6/18/2009 Creating Volume Shadow Copies from DotNet, Part II
A wrapper class for the microsoft volume shadow copy service (VSS) that enables this service to be accessed from managed applications. The wrapper includes support for 32 and 64 bit XP, Vista, Server 03 and Server 08.
6/18/2009 Windows API functions for finding and copying files.
Two classes that encapsulate the win32 file management apis, for easier use in managed applications. Use these classes when the SYSTEM.IO file management calls won't do what you need.
6/9/2008 jMail email component
jMail is an open source wrapper for CDO.NET, for sending SMTP mail from DotNet applications.
3/31/2008 PDF Reporting with iTextSharp
iTextSharp is an excellent open source library for creating PDF documents using DotNet. Here I've tried to pull together what you'll need to create a simple report using iTextSharp.
1/7/2008 Using Volume Shadow Copies from VB.NET
How to use the Volume Shadow Copy service to copy locked files (such as PST files)
12/26/2007 How to show bar codes on web pages
It's easy to include dynamic bar codes on your web pages. Here is code that you can use to display 3 of 9 bar codes.
7/11/2007 Base36 - A way to compactly code large numbers
Need to print a very large number as a bar code? Need to minimize the size of the bar code? Perhaps BASE36 is the answer.
4/3/2007 How to obtain the name of the owner of an IP address
A class for retrieving the name of the owner of an IP address from internet WHOIS servers.
3/2/2007 jPivot
How to create a pivot table from a data table
12/9/2006 WinINet in VB.NET 2.0
A VB.NET 2.0 wrapper class that encapsulates the WinINET FTP APIs
12/8/2006 Upload and download files from an FTP site using WININET and DotNet
A DotNet 2.0 DLL that wraps the Windows WININET FTP functions.
10/28/2006 Mazes in 3D
Demo project. Navigate a maze in 3D
10/6/2006 A Dot Net class for generating mazes
A dotnet class to generate mazes and code to stream them out to an ASP.NET web page
6/26/2006 Generate/modify an image on-the-fly
Sample code that shows how to retrieve an image from another web site, add a picture frame and watermark to the image and redisplay it using VB.NET/ASP.NET
12/2/2005 Discover the paths to the All Users folders
The SHGetSpecialFolderPath function encapsulated for access to the Common DeskTop, Common Startup, and other special folders.
10/2/2003 Common Statistical Calculations
With the advent of Six Sigma, there's an increasingly common need to calculate control limits and family limits for various data sets. Here, I briefly describe how to do this in Visual Basic.