7/17/2011 jsThermometer.aspx
A javascript/jquery version of a thermometer chart
6/9/2008 jMail email component
jMail is an open source wrapper for CDO.NET, for sending SMTP mail from DotNet applications.
3/31/2008 PDF Reporting with iTextSharp
iTextSharp is an excellent open source library for creating PDF documents using DotNet. Here I've tried to pull together what you'll need to create a simple report using iTextSharp.
12/26/2007 How to show bar codes on web pages
It's easy to include dynamic bar codes on your web pages. Here is code that you can use to display 3 of 9 bar codes.
6/11/2007 Sparkline In-line Charts
An ASP.NET/VB.NET implementation of Edward Tufte's sparkline charts.
6/11/2007 ASP.NET Thermometer Chart
Display simple thermometer charts using ASP.NET/VB.NET 2.0
10/28/2006 Mazes in 3D
Demo project. Navigate a maze in 3D
10/23/2006 jChart ASP.NET charting component
jChart is a charting component intended to enable the display of drill-down charts using ASP.NET 2.0.
10/6/2006 A Dot Net class for generating mazes
A dotnet class to generate mazes and code to stream them out to an ASP.NET web page
6/26/2006 Generate/modify an image on-the-fly
Sample code that shows how to retrieve an image from another web site, add a picture frame and watermark to the image and redisplay it using VB.NET/ASP.NET
7/27/2004 Some tips for converting ASP to ASP.NET.
Here are a few common changes that need to be made to ASP pages when converting them to ASP.NET